EACH CUSTOM BUILT WAGON is built to please and delight the
customers. No two wagons are exactly alike. Jerry will build any
wagon to your specifications. All wagons have steel running gears
with a full 5th wheel, four wheel hydraulic brakes, adjustable long
pole for the team and, also, a short tongue with a 2" coupler to tow
behind a vehicle at highway speeds. All wagons are fully equipped
with a park brake.

OTHER PRODUCTS include two wheel forecarts with hydraulic

JERRY BROWN'S CUSTOM WAGONS has 12 to 15 wagons in stock
at all times and will custom build any size or color you desire.

FOR MORE DETAILS of these spectacular wagons click on the
image of your choice.
Custom Wagons
Jerry Brown's Custom Wagons
15433 County Road 624
Dexter, Missouri 63841
(573) 624-4755